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Be The Most Knowledgeable And Sought After Professional In Your Area, And Make An Incredible Living Doing It

Gain the confidence, inspiration, and motivation to fix the most common pregnancy and postpartum complaints and discomforts, changing the world along the way. Whether you’re a personal trainer, wellness educator, midwife & doctor, doula, physical therapist, pilates instructor, yoga instructor, or massage therapist this course is for you.

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Standard of Excellence

We hold our professionals significantly beyond the standards of any other Pre & Postnatal credential. We're backed by ACE, NASM and NCSF, with more on the way.

Your Course. The Way You Want It.

Our course is available ONLINE or IN-PERSON. Both experiences deliver the exact same information, and are tailored specifically to you.

Corrective Exercise, Not Just Exercise.

It's no longer responsible to teach traditional exercise, which only exacerbates current physical malalignment. The time for healing is now.

About Fit For Birth

We are a dedicated community of skilled staff and volunteers. We pursue our passion to heal families by building a global team of fitness and health professionals so that we can:

  • Reduce infertility.
  • Avoid mechanized child birth.
  • Lower chronic disease in our infants.

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